Take charge of your health and wellbeing with DIY enema equipment and accessories.

Our medical grade premium enema kits, bags, buckets and accessories are designed for maximum comfort. Easy to use for a DIY or assisted enema, we use quality materials like medical grade silicone and stainless steel from start to finish. If you’ve used an enema before, you know the change it can make to your health. If it’s your first time, our complete instructions support you through the enema journey.

Why Perform an Enema?

Enemas offer numerous benefits, including relieving constipation, facilitating bowel movements, and cleansing the colon of waste and toxins. They can also reduce bloating and gas, promoting overall digestive health. Certain types, like coffee enemas, may even stimulate liver detoxification. While enemas should be used cautiously and under medical guidance, they serve as valuable tools for gastrointestinal health and detoxification.

Coffee enema specialists for a lighter, fresher you

Coffee enemas provide unique benefits such as stimulating liver detoxification, enhancing bile flow, and promoting overall digestive wellness. By introducing coffee into the rectum, these enemas can aid in removing toxins from the liver and colon, potentially reducing the risk of related ailments and supporting the body's natural detoxification processes.