Cleaning is important before and after your enema

Enemas are about flushing toxins from the body, not introducing more. So, clean equipment is vital for your safety and wellbeing.

Cleaning enema bags and silicone tubing before use

Before you use your enema kit, clean the equipment with warm, soapy water (or use warm water and white vinegar). Rinse the bag and tubing with fresh, clean water and you’re ready to start your enema.

Cleaning enema bags and silicone tubing after use

After your enema, wash all the equipment in warm, soapy water (or warm water and white vinegar) and leave it to air dry in a clean space When all the equipment is clean and dry, pop it back into the drawstring storage bag ready for next time. Obviously, the hose and insertion tip are the bits likely to need a good scrub.

Cleaning tips (we mean advice, not the insertion tip)

You can approach your cleaning routine differently depending on where you do the enema. If you’re in the bathroom, it might be easy to put the bag and hose straight into the bath or sink for cleaning. Or have a bucket handy with warm water.

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