Enemas flush out the colon to get rid of toxins and impurities in your body. Your liver and your kidneys are your body’s natural filters to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. But they can sometimes use a little help from a natural therapy like an enema.

How do toxins get into my system?

Toxins are hard to avoid. They’re in the food we eat, the air we breathe and absorbed through our skin via everyday products. Moisturisers, soaps, washing detergent… all these things are gradually building up the toxins in our system.

Our natural filtration systems, the liver and kidneys, can’t keep up with the toxins we’re absorbing in the modern world. So, enemas give them a hand to keep you healthy.

How do I get the water to flow into my colon?

Gravity. Your enema kit comes with a handy hook, so you can hang the enema bag at least a meter above the ground (hanging on a door knob is easy). Gravity allows the water to flow naturally through the tube and into your system.

What happens when the enema water gets inside?

The water flows into your colon and dislodges excess fecal matter which builds up in your large intestine. Get rid of that, and the toxins should go with it.

It shouldn’t hurt, but it can cause some cramping, which makes it hard to hold the water in and gives you the natural urge to go to the toilet. Massaging your abdomen or using a hot water bottle can relieve the cramping and help you hold the water in for the recommended time

How does it feel when it comes out?

Like a quart or so of water is coming out of your rear end.

What’s it going to look like when it comes out?

If you do an enema with water, it will look like dirty water in the toilet with some loose fecal matter. If you do a coffee enema, it will be the colour of coffee. It’s normal to want to have a look!

Enemas work naturally to keep you happy and healthy