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Take flight with silicone enema bag kits and accessories

The quality of our enema kits and accessories is hard to beat.

Enemas can make people a little… uncomfortable. And curious! There’s nothing taboo about taking charge of your health to lead a happier life. We save you the embarrassment of buying the kit at your local pharmacy. Order online at we’ll bring it to your door (in plain packaging that won’t get the postman talking).

Our healthy philosophy

Enemas are just one part of the healthy living puzzle. We believe in living well, self-care and putting your wellbeing first. With firsthand experience of the healing properties of enemas, our team delivers discreet, professional and compassionate service and care from a licensed health professional.

Up close and personal

Our enema kits and accessories are designed for DIY use, or with help from a friend or health professional.

An enema kit to help you soar